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Crafting Our Way Through Tough Times

Crafting Our Way Through Tough Times

So much has happened over the last few years. Not that it really even needs to be spelled out, but pandemics, political turmoil, war overseas, product shortages, inflation, gas prices so high we wonder whether we can even afford to drive to work every day, have been a part of life for a while now. For Mel and I, the struggle is real too, and we wonder each day if being in this business of crafting is even the right thing to do in times like these.

I mean, really...with all this stuff happening, who needs to be worrying about coming up with designs for homemade home décor or seeking out the prettiest new ribbon or mesh? We ask ourselves "Does it even matter?" But then we hear a story about a wreath maker who just lost her granddaughter to illness, and wanted to make the perfect wreath for her memorial service, and how that is helping her get through her grief. Or we hear from another crafter who lost her job due to the pandemic, and has been making bows and wreaths to sell to help pay the bills until she gets back on her feet. And then we do a live chat video in our Facebook group and get to talk and interact with our "MojoFam" who we truly feel like are part of our extended family. 

Then all that doubt seems to just fall away. Then we remember, it's not just about pretty ribbon and mesh; it's not just about making cute stuff to hang on our doors and walls. It's about family. It's about friends. It's about having something to be passionate about, something that helps us get through the difficult times in life, something to share. Perhaps, most importantly right now, something to focus our attention away from all of the stress - at least for a little bit here and there.

We must remember, the world has been through tough times aplenty. There have been wars, recessions, depressions, bursts of inflation, product shortages, and all of this before. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if we don't feel like we see it right now. In the meantime, I think it's important that we hold onto the things we are passionate about doing, and stay connected to the people we care about and who care about us. That's what will help us make it to the end of the tunnel.

Wishing you all comfort, hope, positivity, and wonderful times of crafting.


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