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Wreath Projects & Tutorials

  • Purple Haze Fused Multi-Petal Flower Wreath
    February 17, 2022 Bobby Prell

    Purple Haze Fused Multi-Petal Flower Wreath

     Come join Mel as she makes a unique flower wreath with two different petal types! In this video, see how you can fuse two different colors or styles of mesh together to create a thicker more opaque petal with a...

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  • Flamingo Flower Wreath
    February 1, 2022 Melissa Prell

    Flamingo Flower Wreath

    Join Mel as she makes a pink and grey poly burlap flower with a cute 6" Flamingo metal sign center! In this video, Mel will show you: How to attach your canvas center to your frame for tying down your...

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  • Mel Instructing How to Make Wreath
    June 3, 2020 Melissa Prell

    Christmas Elf Teardrop Swag

    A Delightfully Cute Elf Comes to Life...

    We finally received our teardrop wreath forms last week, and Mel just couldn't wait to get started making her first teardrop swag!

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