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How to Cut Poly Burlap Mesh with a Wood Burning Tool (Video Instruction)

How to Cut Poly Burlap Mesh with a Wood Burning Tool (Video Instruction)

Struggling with fraying poly burlap mesh? It's a common complaint from many crafters who are just starting to work with any kind of deco mesh. While ALL types of crafting mesh will fray to some extent, it can seem more obvious with Poly Burlap since the individual strands are so much thicker and more visible.

The most popular, and most effective way (known to date) to help reduce fraying, is to use a wood burning tool to cut your mesh, rather than a rotary cutter or other bladed tool. While it can't completely get rid of fraying, it will help to seal the edges so it's less likely that they will come apart.

In addition to using a wood burning tool, you should also try to minimize the amount you handle & manipulate your mesh before attaching it to your project. The more you bend, fold, stretch, or otherwise handle the mesh, the more fraying you will experience.

In the video below, Mel shows you how she uses a wood-burning tool to cut her poly burlap mesh squares for a flower wreath. This method can be used on any type of deco mesh that does not contain natural fibers (such as jute or cotton).

NOTE: When using any kind of heated tool to cut mesh, potentially toxic fumes are released into the air. Therefore it is important that you only do so in a well-ventilated area. It is also recommended that you use personal protective equipment, such as a properly rated gas mask to prevent inhalation.

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