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Mel Instructing How to Make Wreath

Christmas Elf Teardrop Swag

Elf Teardrop Swag Wreath

Christmas Elf teardrop swag wreath 2 Christmas elf teardrop swag wreath 4 Christmas elf teardrop swag wreath 3 

A Delightfully Cute Elf Comes to Life...

We finally received our teardrop wreath forms last week, and Mel just couldn't wait to get started making her first teardrop swag! These teardrop bases are excellent for wreaths/swags that use wreath attachment characters, since they do not have the center hole that can leave a large void in the middle of your cute wreath friend! Mel decided to do a Christmas swag, featuring our friend Mr. Elf! The final creation came out beautiful and quite large at roughly 36" tall by 25" wide. We will be featuring this swag in an upcoming local show.

Watch the replay of the live video below (2 parts), and if you'd like to check out some of the supplies we used to make this cutey creation, keep scrolling down!




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