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Help with Shopping Issues

Some customers have occasionally reported the issues below when shopping our site. If you are encountering one or more of these issues, please feel free to review this information and follow the guidance we offer here. If you continue having issues, please feel free to message us using the 'Message Us' button at the bottom of the screen, or send an email to

The items in my cart disappeared!

There can be a number of reasons for items disappearing from your cart.

  • If you leave our site and came back, your cart may not be saved. If you create an account on our site and are logged in while adding items to your cart, you can leave our site and come back and log back in and your cart will still be available. If you are not logged into an account, then our site relies on cookies saved to your computer to keep your cart active. If these cookies expire, or if you clear your browsing history/cookies, if you are using a 'private browsing' mode in your web browser, or if you access our site using a different device or browser than you were originally using, your cart will not be available.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - if you use this browser, there are a number of items on our site that will likely not work correctly. Internet Explorer is an outdated browser that has not been updated or supported since 2016. Not only will it not work properly with our site, it is not safe to use for shopping online as the security features are no longer up to date. We recommend using current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Apple Safari when shopping our site.
  • If only one or a couple of your items disappeared, they may have sold out while you were shopping, or between visits. Having an item in your cart does not reserve the inventory from being sold.

Creating an account and ensuring you're logged in while shopping, and ensuring you're not using Microsoft Internet Explorer will help ensure your cart is maintained throughout your shopping trip and/or across multiple visits to our site.

I am trying to add a higher quantity of an item to my cart but it won't let me.

If you are trying to increase the quantity of an item, but it keeps resetting itself to a lower quantity, it is due to the amount of that product we currently have in inventory. For example, if you have 5 of an item in your cart and you try to change it to 10, but it resets itself back to 5 automatically, then we only have 5 left of that item in inventory.

The Checkout button is missing in the cart!

Occasionally, with certain web browsers, the checkout button may not appear correctly on the cart page. Usually, refreshing your web browser will fix this.