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Sales Tax Exemption

We currently charge sales tax on orders shipped to the states of Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, and Michigan. If you are located in one of these states and are registered as a business / reseller with your state with a current and valid resale certificate and would like to be registered as a tax-exempt customer, please first ensure you have already registered a customer account with our site. If you don't have a customer account you can register HERE.
Please also ensure that you register with the same email address that you will use when ordering from our website (Note: if you use PayPal express checkout for purchases, we recommend the same email address be used for both our site and your PayPal account).

Once your account is created, please use the link for your state below to download the appropriate exemption form. Complete the form in full, and sign and date, then email the completed form to If your state is listed below but not yet linked to a form, we will have it available soon.

We will review all submitted forms and reply back once all information is verified and we have registered your customer account as tax exempt. 

Please note that this is a registration for tax exemption only. We do not offer B2B wholesale pricing at this time. This registration is for purchases made through our website and mobile app only and does not apply to purchases made through other channels/marketplaces. Exemption is not retroactive and applies only to purchases made after form submission. Exemption can only apply to order shipped to states for which we have an individual completed form from you (i.e. If you submit a form for IL, and later want an order shipped to NC, the order shipped to NC will be taxed unless we have a completed NC exemption form on file).

Links to Exemption Forms by State





 New Jersey

North Carolina