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Wreath Sellers Resources

We can't carry everything in our store, unfortunately. But we can definitely link you to some items that many wreath & craft sellers need! Whether you're looking for shipping boxes and other shipping supplies to ship your wreaths, places to get discounted shipping rates, or other needs, here is where you'll find some great resources that we feel will be helpful! Be sure to check back, as we will continue to add more resources to this page!
Note that many of these are affiliate links and we may earn a small commission from the seller/provider if you make a purchase, but does not affect the purchase price.
Get an Amazon Business Account

Get an Amazon Business Account

Did you know that if you have a registered business, you can sign up for an Amazon Business purchasing account? With an Amazon Business account you can get business price discounts on many items. Plus you can apply for Net 30 payment terms, as well as other perks! Click the button below to learn more!

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Craft Calculators

Craft Calculators

Craft Calculators has numerous online calculators and spreadsheets for determining the cost of craft projects as well as the suggested retail sale price. None are specifically meant for wreaths, but a few can be adapted to use for wreaths or similar projects. Several of the online calculators can be used for free (with a free account signup), but a yearly subscription is required for access to all calculators and spreadsheets.

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Shipping Boxes, Supplies, & Equipment

Places to Get Cheaper Shipping Rates