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Scratch & Dent Poly Burlap Mesh - Natural - 10" X 10 yards

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These are our 'scratch & dent' rolls. These rolls have one or more issues that caused us to reject them. Some examples of what you  might find include: poorly spliced rolls, spots or lines of discoloration, material that was damaged in shipping, or too-tightly-rolled on the spool. See second product picture for some examples. Usually, a majority of the roll is still good, usable material. Save 40% off regular prices.


This is a 10" wide, 10 yard length roll of woven deco poly burlap mesh in the color "natural". This material is made out of thick fibers resembling woven burlap and/or paper mesh. Poly burlap is waterproof, durable and reusable, making it a great choice for making outdoor decorations and wreaths.

Material: Polypropylene